Diet without a face

I decided to prepare really rockin’ vegan food that would make my honey want to stay the course for the detox program we started last week.  I love to create art in the kitchen and have been wondering how I could apply my skills to a diet without a face.

I achieved my desire!  Some of the fantastic dishes I prepared include:

  • a roasted butternut squash and sun dried tomato risotto (no dairy)
  • a combination raw and cooked salad in a vinaigrette with capers and kalamata olives
  • orange curry with sweet potatoes, squash and red bell peppers
  • a cornmeal and spinach soup.

I’ve been recording my recipes and taking photos.  There may be a book in the making here.  This would make my friends very happy since they have been asking me to do this for many years. Here are some photos.  Let me know if you’d like to see some recipes here.

Orange Curry with Sweet Potatoes, Squash and Red Bell Peppers

Orange Curry close up

Risotto with Roasted Butternut Squash and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Risotto with Sauteed Mushrooms

8 thoughts on “Diet without a face

  1. Terri… great photos.. who did them?

    bob gallagher
    about to start a blog and twitter and on facebook… next month we ePub cathy’s cookbook.. we’ll let you know when it’s up.

    who did you host blog with?

    • Hi Bob and thanks for the feedback. Christopher and I took the food photos. He is a photography pro and has taught me well! The blog is with Good luck with Cathy’s book and congratulations! A big undertaking and so exciting for you both. All the best to you both – T

  2. Oh I see you did the photos.. great!
    start saving everything in a file for your cookbook then eBookit..Much easier then publishing a book…

    I just have spent 100+ hours learning how to eBook cathy’s veggie power burger cookbook…

    one tip… as you go…put things in a word doc in series with photos inserted.. no special fonts cause they all go away in ePub’d books…

    do you have a tablet.. iPad??
    bob g

  3. Terry, oh my gosh, they sound and look amazing! I am in awe of your talents! And am having fun watching you put them together!

    Yes, I would love to see the recipes. I’m guessing quinoa wouldn’t make a good substitution if you want the creaminess of the rice but might it make a nice dish anyway? I’m not really supposed to have rice….

    Keep me “posted”!

    ~ Barbara

    • Hey Barbara … not sure that quinoa would make a good substitute, totally different grain with totally different properties. That said, a nice sprouted quinoa dish might be fabulous! Forget about the risotto. Make what works for you. Thanks for checking out my blog! ~T

  4. OMG I love roasted butternut squash, it’s tooooo good to be true. I think the only PROBLEM with it is that when I make it, I tend to eat ALL of it, even though I intend to make it for the week! Whoops! Oh and the prep is a bit** but it’s TOTALLY worth it!

    • Hot tip if you hate the prep for the squash … Trader Joe’s and Costco both sell cubed butternut squash, ready to eat or cook. Of course, if you want organic you’ll have to do it yourself. Thanks for checkin’ in!

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