Addicted to excitement

Isn’t it interesting how addicted we humans are to excitement?

Now that the detox is over I’m not so revved up about cooking.  When the program was shiny and new, when I received my new dehydrator, THEN I was all over learning new food preparation methods.  It was exciting to try new recipes and see how they turned out.  But like with most things, my energy and interest waned when the program ended.

So what’s with our need/desire for constant stimulation/excitement?  I remember when seeing a group of guys on stage with guitars was a big deal.  Then light shows were added.  Then smoke machines, etc., etc., until now we have these incredible ‘concerts’ which I describe as ‘performance art meets a million dollar budget.’

I avoid too much of this anymore.  I prefer a good story to a fast paced action film.  I just don’t think it is healthy to keep stimulating ourselves to the point where we don’t know how to act if we aren’t multi-tasking.  I deliberately sit and stare into space at times, allowing myself to daydream.

It’s good to have space in my brain.  I like the experience of vastness.  There’s room for things to come in.  I invite creativity by stopping the craziness in my head.  This is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but I find it quite rewarding when I am able.  I love when creativity shakes things up and challenges my thinking.  These are the most exciting moments … to discover that I don’t know everything and that inside me is a well of possibility.

Now I want to go home and create a beautiful meal … big sigh.


4 thoughts on “Addicted to excitement

  1. Your post is a directive toward self assessment and listening to what you need in the moment. Kudos for that. It is indeed hard to quiet the world around us, so maybe the trick is to quiet the world inside instead. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hey Terry, I am with you on how you are feeling. I think that part of what you are describing or feeling has to do with age and wisdom. Yes, I still love to go to rock concerts to see the old farts sing and play and they are still really great. In fact, since they have gotten off of drugs and alcohol they are even better. I guess you would call them seasoned. Looking back on some of the groups and the conditions that they created under is a miracle. I think that it is a miracle that some of them are still alive and performing. So with that being said, I think that all of it is still fun, but in small amounts. As I age, I hate crowds, don’t go to bars and have a hard time staying up until 10 pm. When I get home, I love to have dinner and then get my little dog and go up to my room, watch a TV program and read. I need the quiet and solitude in order to recoup to work another day. Oh, by the way, I love your dog.

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