You don’t have to suffer

Raw Chocolate Cake with Ganache

Cake on a detox? MMMMM!

Back on the detox wagon again! This summer was a doozy, but the issues have been resolved and I started the fall needing to get myself back on track. So now I’m in the midst of the detox (I’ve been told that ‘cleanse’ is a better, less harsh word).

Last week, I taught a raw foods prep demo and we had a blast. I think everyone left inspired; I know I did. I have been so busy making healthy foods for Christopher and myself. And I’m starting to recover.

I had arthritis pain in my feet that was so bad I could hardly walk. My hip was not far behind. I felt stiff and achy and my attitude was not exactly desirable. After two weeks on the cleanse the pain is decreasing and my energy levels are increasing. I’ve returned to my yoga class and started riding my bike again.

Eat live food and feel alive. Eat dead food … you get the picture.

And now for some more photos of what I have been up to:

Buckwheat sprouts for granola and rejuvelac

Homemade Kimchi


Kimchi filling


Wilting napa cabbage for kimchi

Japanese turnips and greens

Making rejuvelac, a fermented beverage with live B vitamins

Use a mandolin grater to cut matchsticks of daikon radish for salads

Incredible salad: red romaine, rainbow chard, red cabbage, napa cabbage, brussel sprouts, daikon radish, red bell pepper, orange sweet peppers, seedless baby cucumbers, asparagus and fresh dill. Get creative!