A quiet mind is a beautiful thing

I made a promise to get more and more healthy this year.  But bigger than that, I made a promise to say yes to my heart and inner wisdom.  I am finding that the more I say yes, the easier it becomes.  It’s like starting a new exercise program.  Incredibly difficult to begin moving on that first day … so much resistance and so many reasons not to show up.  I’ve got a million of them!  The mind is a powerful adversary some days.

HOWEVER, I have been saying yes since January 10th and it is now January 26th.  I have over two weeks under my belt and it gets easier every day.  Tonight I decided to turn off the TV.  Yikes, what an addiction it can be.  I felt myself desperately trying to come up with an excuse to turn it on.  OK, so I checked and there was nothing interesting in tonight’s line up ON ANY CHANNEL, but even so, my mind said ‘go to On Demand and rent a movie.  You’re tired, you didn’t sleep well last night, you should rest.’  The call was worse than that almond croissant beckoning me to eat it.

UGH!  So I just turned it off.  Just like that.  Forget the grasping onto habit!  I’m saying yes to myself.  I cleaned the kitchen, watered the plants and now taking some time to write in my blog.

The best part of saying yes is that I find I can rest easier at night.  I am keeping my word to myself and that makes me very, very happy.  A little more every day.  Bit by bit.  Step by step.  As one of my dear friends says ‘left foot, right foot.’  There is a huge sense of relief.  I don’t have to keep making excuses inside my head for the things left undone.  And a quiet mind is a beautiful thing.

So turn off your TV and listen to your Self instead.  I’ve been wanting to clean out some drawers for weeks now.  I think tonight is the night.

PS  I am now at Day 16 of my detox program.  I am starting to feel great.  I am losing weight.  My second chin is diminishing.  I asked Christopher to set my bike up in the basement so that I can start getting some aerobic exercise going.  More later!